1. Schedule/timetable (local time)
  2. Organization and general conditions
  3. Categories of participation
  4. Eligible motorcycles
  5. Safety measures
  6. Responsibility of participants
  7. Entries and registration fee
  8. Race numbers
  9. Track
  10. Code of discipline and arbitration
  11. Parc Ferme and service park
  12. Environmental protection
  13. Appeals
  14. GPS
  15. GPS Tracker
  16. Standings and time penalties
  17. Prize pool

15.10.2023. – Online registration opening

01.05.2023. – Closing of online registration

  1. SCHEDULE/TIMETABLE (local time)

10.02.2023. – Opening of Online Registration

01.05.2023. – Closing of Online Registration

Tuesday 16.05.2023. - The beginning of the riders registration

  • 10:00 – 22:00 Registration and administrative checks for riders 
  • 18:00 – 22:00 Riders giving the GPS for loading of tracks
  • 22:00 – Welcome party

Wednesday 17.05.2023. – Akrapovic Prologue 

  • 10:00 – 15:00 Training and Qualifications
  • 16:00 – 18:00 Akrapovic Prologue Finals
  • 20:00 – 21:30 Briefing

Thursday 18. 05. 2023 - Day 1, ~100km Hard Enduro

  • 07:00 – 07:30 – Taking of GPS devices
  • 07:30 – Organized free ride to the Start
  • 08:00 – Start
  • 16:00 – End of the first rally day, Day 1
  • 20:00 – Results from the first day of the race
  • 20:15 – 20:30 – Appeals
  • 21:00 – 21:30 – Briefing for riders and introduction with the second day 

Friday, 19. 05. 2023. – Day 2, ~100km Hard Enduro

  • 07:00 – 07:30 – Taking of GPS devices
  • 07:30 – Organized leaving of the Camp and going to the start of Day 2
  • 08:00 – Start of the second race day, Day 2
  • 16:00 – Closing of tracks for Day 2 (all CP's will be closed)
  • 20:00 – Unofficial results for Day 2
  • 20:15 – 20:30 – Appeals
  • 20:30 – 21:30 – Briefing for riders and introduction with the third day 

Saturday, 20. 05. 2023. – Day 3, ~100km Hard Enduro

  • 07:00 – 07:30 – Taking of GPS devices 
  • 07:30 – Organized leaving of the Camp and going to the start of Day 3
  • 08:00 – Start of the third rally day, Day 3
  • 16:00 – Closing of tracks for Day 3 (all CP's will be closed)
  • 18:00 – Winner Announcement and unofficial results for Day 3
  • 20:00 – Closing of the race, Party

If necessary, the Organizer reserves the right to modify the competition timetable.


  • Organizer: AMK Endurance Sports Club, Bajina Bašta – Serbia
  • Competition name: XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY 2023
  • Date: 17-20.05.2023.
  • Race Location: Zlatibor, Serbia 
  • Base camp and Secretary Office of the competition: Hotel Zlatibor Mountain Resort and Spa
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Online Registration Form: REGISTER HERE
  • Fees and documents required for registration: Part 7 of Regulations.
  • The nearest petrol station is 50m from Base Camp. 

XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY is an OPEN race that can be attended by any rider, regardless of their nationality.


Director of the race: Vladan Komatović

Jury Members

Chairman: Velibor Kaevski

Member: Bata Djuric

Member: Rajko Ljumovic

Chief Registration and Administrative check: Dragana Lazarovski

Timekeepers: Timing Solution Macedonia

Chief Medical Officer - MRS: Vladimir Kacuric

Secretary of the Event: Vladimir Karcicki

Contact person for competitors: Vladimir Karcicki

These Rules were adopted by the Enduro Committee of the Serbian Moto Association. This competition is international, and it is ranked for the National Championship, and Balkan Moto Union (BMU), according to the general Rules of SMA and AMAS. 

The Secretary Office of the competition is the starting point for all events related to the conduct and organization of this competition, such as competitors registration, technical sessions, briefings, standings display, filing of appeals, award ceremony, questions, etc.

An information panel will be placed in the area of the Secretary Office, and it will display information and news about the competition, daily standings, the schedule, and eventual modifications during the event. The Organizer will display all the necessary information in due time.

The Organizer may refuse to allow entry into the competition or eliminate during the competition any competitor who:

  • Does not follow the present rules and regulations;
  • Has an aggressive or unsporting behavior;
  • Disrupts the running of the competition;
  • Creates an unpleasant or tense atmosphere;
  • Does not respect the rules of all nature parks through which they ride, locals, and the environment in general.

The registration fee and all other fees will not be refunded in case of failure to appear at the competition or in case of any kind of drop-out, abandonment, or elimination from the competition.

All competitors and all the people involved in any way in the organization of the 2023 XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY are obliged to know and follow the contents of the present rules and regulations.

Not knowing the present rules and regulations does not excuse anybody from responsibility and consequences.


XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY has four categories of difficulty:

  • PRO CLASS – for the experienced, physically and mentally fit riders with excellent mastering of hard-enduro skills and techniques and with a high threshold of pain enduring; class for the pro riders.
  • EXPERT CLASS – for the high level of hard-enduro riding. You must have huge riding experience through tough terrains, and be in good physical and mental shape in order to tackle the estimated 90km of tough terrain.
  • HOBBY CLASS – is for the advanced level weekend riders who are in good physical shape.
  • AMATEUR CLASS – for riders who ride some form of hard enduro over the weekend, but not for absolute beginners. Riders need to know the basics of hard enduro.


XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY is a rally discipline in which participants ride routes that are not competitive and become participants in public traffic during some parts of the rally. Due to this, participants are obliged to bear all obligations and responsibilities as all other participants in traffic, both in terms of riding and motorcycle characteristics. The Organizer will not be responsible for the participant's behavior in traffic or damages that may occur to a competitor or third parties. Through these rules and regulations, we believe that we have informed all participants that they are obliged to comply with all laws by the Republic of Serbia related to traffic on connecting sections that are not competitive.

Any enduro, motocross motorcycle with a minimum of 7 liters gas tank capacity, two or four-stroke engine type, with one or two cylinders which have been accepted by technical verification, is allowed to start. 

Technical verification will be performed by a technical committee composed of officials before the formalities of registering for the competition.

The Organizer will not accept at the start any motorcycle with major technical failures or any other changes that could endanger the safety of competitors and/or spectators.

Motorcycles that have oil or fuel leaks or have damaged exhausts will not be accepted.

Motorcycles without enduro, motocross, or trial tires are not allowed to start.

It is forbidden to use tires with nails, screws, or any other metal insertions.

Any repairs, parts replacement, or technical intervention on the motorcycle are allowed only in the service area and only on a waterproof tarpaulin with a minimum size of 200x100cm.

At the technical verification, the competitors will show the motorcycle and the helmet.

During the competition, all competitors are required to wear appropriate protective equipment: off-road helmet, goggles, and boots, chest and back protectors, upper and lower limb protection parts.


All competitors are obliged to take all safety measures to prevent their own injury, injury of other competitors, vehicles, public and private property, staff members, spectators, and domestic and wild animals.

When approaching a slower competitor, the faster competitor must make his presence known before overtaking him. It is not the duty of the slower competitor to notice or to make maneuvers in order to allow the faster-approaching competitor to overtake.

In the area where the race tracks for different classes meet, the competitors from slower classes will give an advantage to competitors from stronger classes.

In case a competitor notices another injured competitor, he must make sure his safety is not in danger and then immediately inform the Safety Manager of the competition. If this is not possible, he will notify the nearest staff member. In case this is also not possible, by moving up the race track, he will notify about the incident at the nearest checkpoint.

The time spent assisting another injured competitor(s) will be deducted from the day racing time. This will be done by the Competition Manager after the notification made by the assisting competitor and confirmed by the injured victim and other witnesses.

In case of technical failure, the motorcycle will be immediately removed from the race track to avoid potential collisions with other competitors.

In case of technical failure and/or injury, the competitors must not leave the race track in order to make their localization by the Organizer possible. Leaving the racetrack is forbidden. The only way to leave the race track is through the checkpoints and then by following instructions given by the staff members.

Navigating the race track, for any length and for any reason, in the opposite direction than the normal race direction is strictly prohibited!

In case of extreme weather conditions (strong winds, lightning storms, fog, snow, or heavy rain), the Organizer reserves the right to change the race schedule and/or shorten the track on safety grounds. In very extreme cases, race days can get rescheduled or even canceled.


Competitors are required to place (stick) on their motorcycles all the promotional materials provided by the Organizer.

Xross Hard Enduro Rally is a discipline that has competitive sections and liaison (connecting) sections. On the liaison sections, all participants of the rally have to obey the law of the Republic of Serbia regarding public roads. On these liaison sections, the Organizer will not be responsible if riders do not have adequate motorcycles for public roads or in case of damage that may occur by the rider's responsibility or the responsibility of third parties. ​​

On the portions of the public road between Parc Ferme and Start, between Finish and Parc Ferme, and on the eventual sections connecting the different stages of the race, competitors will ride in accordance with the Serbian laws regarding traveling on Serbian public roads. Responsibility on the Serbian public road sections lies entirely with the competitors.

Competitors are requested not to leave their equipment or personal belongings unattended, because the Organizer will not take the responsibility for them in case they are lost or damaged. Only the motorcycles in the Parc Ferme will be monitored and guarded.

Each competitor enters the competition at his/her own risk.

All civil or penal responsibility for any damage inflicted upon himself/herself, another competitor(s), or any goods lies exclusively with the competitor(s).


The regular fee for the Xross Hard Enduro Rally 2023 is 550 EUR.

It is possible to pay the fee in two installments, but the first installment has to be at least 150 EUR. 

All riders who pay the full amount of fee, or the minimum of 150 EUR until 01.04.2023 will secure and keep their place on the start list in accordance with their registration. 

After 01.04.2023.

  • All riders who registered but didn't pay at least the minimum amount of the fee, will be moved on the start list behind the riders who paid.
  • Riders are sorted on the start list in order of their payment. 

After 01.05.2023.

  • All riders who registered but didn't pay at least the minimum amount will be deleted from the start list. 
  • Online registrations will be closed
  • The fee for the riders who register on the day of the race is 700 EUR. 

The document attesting to the payment must include the name(s) of the competitor(s) for whom the payment is made. The payment date is considered the date of the document certifying the registration fee payment. 

We advise you to fill in the necessary data with special attention. Any mistake during this process will result in returning the funds to the original sender, and your payment will be considered invalid. 

After we confirm your payment, you will receive the starting number and be placed on the official starting list for the rally.

Bank Details For Payment downoload from here


XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY is open to anyone who, at the time of registration, has paid the registration fee and has submitted the following documents:

  • Insurance for motorcycling competitions.
  • Deposit of 100 EUR for the tracker. The organizer provides trackers for all riders. After you finish the race, give the tracker to the Organizer and take your deposit
  • Insurance for one race can be acquired at the Secretary Office of the competition and is valid only for the XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY 2023. The price for this insurance will be announced later (between 10 - 20 EUR);
  • Identification, ID card or passport;
  • Registration Form (for those who did not apply via Online Registration Form). The form can be obtained in the Secretary Office of the competition;
  • Signed statement regarding personal responsibility. Has to be signed at the Secretary Office of the competition.


Race numbers are given by the Organizer in the order of registration. Race numbers cannot be changed during the competition. It is forbidden to start the race without the race numbers provided by the Organizer, and attached to the motorcycle.

The competitors are not allowed to manufacture their own race numbers.

  • For the PRO Class race numbers are from 1 to 99;
  • For the EXPERT Class race numbers are from 101 to 199;
  • For the HOBBY Class race numbers are from 201 to 399.
  • For the AMATEUR Class race numbers are from 401 to 599


The race track totals an estimated at around 300km of off-road terrain and is structured as follows:

  • Prologue
  • Day 1 – Hard Enduro, 100km estimated;
  • Day 2 – Hard Enduro, 100km estimated;
  • Day 3 – Hard Enduro, 100km estimated.

Each day, riders have a maximum time of 6 hours to complete the race.

Competitors who are still on the race track after the maximum allowed time is up will advance to the next checkpoint, where they will follow the instructions given by the Organizer.

Riders will have the right to ride all three days of the event regardless of the fact if they finished the previous day or not. However, they won't be on the list in the final placement.


The race tracks are marked using marking tape and special signs. Organizers will brief riders with clear instructions on which class will follow which marking tapes. 

The points in which one category separates from other categories, race tracks will be marked using directional arrows, or they will be indicated by staff members.

The marking colors for each category and for the parts that are closed/wrong/forbidden will be announced at the briefing.

The GPS device is mandatory for all FIM riders in the PRO class. For other riders, the GPS device is optional, but it is desirable. We WARN the competitors that they will ride on a huge territory, and most of it is not covered with mobile phone signals and roads. That is why it is better that they possess a GPS for their own safety. The Organizer will not be responsible in case riders get lost, and they don't have GPS. 

The only valid route is the track that the Organizer has uploaded to the GPS device that riders brought to the race. In the race, a competitor who does not have a GPS device rides following markers on a track. If some marks are removed, and the rider goes off the track, he will be sanctioned like he had a GPS device. The Organizer is not responsible in case someone takes marking tapes or arrows or loses time because of bad markings, etc. 


General considerations for all days of the competition:

  • The Start of every race day will be according to the official start list or times riders achieved in Prologue or their results from the previous days. 
  • If a competitor does not show up at the Start or cannot start at the due time according to the starting list, he will start as the last of his category (PRO, EXPERT, HOBBY, and AMATEUR). The time for this competitor runs from the time he was given on the start list, regardless of when he started. 
  • The competitors' riding to the starting area will be organized in an organized fashion under the supervision of the Organizer.

Akrapovic Prologue 

  • Riders will start the Prologue in each class separately. Each rider will start based on his position on the official start list (formed based on their registration)
  • After the qualifications, the top16 riders from PRO and EXPERT Class will enter the Akrapovic Prologue finals.  

Day 1:

On Day 1, the competitors will start one after another, according to their results from Prologue, at an interval of 30 seconds ( the interval will be decided by the Organizer depending on the total number of competitors, and it will be announced at the morning briefing before the start). The best 3 (three) riders in each class choose the starting order. The first one to choose is the winner of the Prologue for each class. 

Day 2:

Riders will start based on their result from Day 1. 

Day 3: 

Riders will start according to their placement and result achieved on Day 1 + Day 2. The competitor with the best combined time after the first two days will start first. Competitors will start one after another at an interval of 10, 20, or 30 seconds (the interval will be decided by the Organizer depending on the total number of competitors, and it will be announced at the morning briefing before the start). The riders who didn't finish the previous day will start after all riders who finished Day 2. 


The checkpoints will be marked with the sign CP_X (where X is the number of the checkpoint) and will be established as a corridor made of marking tape with a length of 5m estimated. Riders are obliged to stop at these checkpoints.

GPS devices will have checkpoints where there will be no staff members from the organization of the race. 

Riders are obliged to go through all these checkpoints. 

Overtaking is strictly forbidden at checkpoints!

Riders must exit the checkpoint at a slow speed, using the existing corridor, immediately after being noted and confirmed by the checkpoint staff members.


During every day of the event, there will be parts of the track where the race will be stopped, and riders will have 20 minutes to rest and do repairs on their motorcycles. IMPORTANT: The riders must know that they will exit the service zone to punctuate individual time in order and intervals as they enter the service zone. Service zones will mostly be in populated places. Therefore riders will be obliged to follow the rules of public traffic. The riders who do not exit the service zone in the estimated time will get a penalty. The penalty will be equal to the amount of time that they exited earlier from the service zone or stayed longer in it.  

Changing tires is not allowed in service zones. 

In the service zones, service teams can work on the motorcycles of riders. 

Example: If Rider 1 enters the service zone at 12 AM and Rider 2 at 12.06 AM, Rider 1 has to exit the Service zone at 12.20 AM, while Rider 2 has to exit at 12.26 AM. 


The Organizer will assign special areas for refueling the petrol called TANK POINTS (marked TP on the track)

Refueling is allowed ONLY in these areas.

The petrol is provided by the Organizer, and it is included in the starting fee.

Refueling will be done only with the engine OFF.

The time spent refueling is not deducted from the total race time.

Smoking in the refueling area is forbidden, under penalty of elimination from the race!

The nearest petrol station is 50m from Parc Ferme.


The Organizer and all of its representatives (officials, staff members, referees, and track assistants) will wear specific outfits and markings/logos, which will be described to the competitors at the briefing so that they will be easily recognized.

On the race track, in the area of the Secretary Office, and in the Parc Ferme area, the competitors must strictly obey all indications given by the staff members.

The start and finish areas, the checkpoints, and the refueling points will be marked visibly and appropriately.

Arriving at the finish line of each day of racing is done by stopping in the marked space.

After receiving confirmation of the finish check from the Organizer, the competitors must leave the finish area.


Penalties are:

  • warning;
  • time penalty;
  • elimination for one day from the race;
  • elimination from the race.

Penalties are established by the Competition Manager, at the proposition of the officials, after consulting the point of view of the involved competitor and eventual witnesses. The decision of the Competition Manager is final.


The Organizer will arrange a designated and guarded area where competitors can leave their competing motorcycles. Likewise, the Organizer will arrange a service area within the Parc Ferme, where all interventions on the motorcycles will be made.

Rules of the Parc Ferme:

  • Leaving the motorcycle in the Parc Ferme is not mandatory;
  • Entering or exiting Parc Ferme will be possible only with the accreditation that you will get at a registration desk;
  • Only persons who have the accreditation of the same number as the number on the motorcycle will be able to take the motorcycle out of Parc Ferme;
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Parc Ferme;
  • Maintenance or motorcycle repairs are allowed only inside the service area;
  • Competitors are not allowed to move the motorcycle of another competitor;
  • in case that access to the own motorcycle is blocked by the motorcycle(s) of another competitor(s), the presence of an official staff member or the owner(s) of the said motorcycle(s) will be asked for;
  • Each motorcycle must have an independent standing system;
  • Any technical intervention on the motorcycle will be made on a waterproof tarpaulin with a minimum size of 200x100cm;
  • in the service park, the Organizer will provide a container for collecting fluids ( oil, brake fluid etc.). Discarding these fluids randomly or in other places than the designated ones is strictly forbidden;
  • In the service park, no test riding of the motorcycles is allowed.

Failure to comply with the Parc Ferme and service area rules may lead to penalties or even exclusion of the competitor(s) from the competition.


Mount Zlatibor is a tourist resort located inside a protected environmental area. The race track passes through the protected area. For these reasons, some specific rules are necessary:

  • As a general rule, when not racing, the motorcycles will be parked in the Parc Ferme - it is mandatory. After receiving the race numbers, the motorcycles must be entered immediately in the Parc Ferme. It is allowed to remove the motorcycles from the Parc Ferme only one hour before the start of the race. Also, one hour after finishing the race, the motorcycles have to be returned to the Parc Ferme;
  • Repairs on the motorcycle are made only in the service park and above protective 200x100cm waterproof tarpaulins;
  • Fluids drained from the motorcycle will be disposed of in special containers provided by the Organizer for this purpose;
  • Containers provided by the Organizer will be used for waste disposal in the areas of the Secretary Office, Parc Ferme, service park, start and finish, and around these areas;
  • During the race, it is strictly forbidden to leave the marked race track;
  • Dumping garbage or refuse of any kind in the environment and/or the race track is strictly forbidden;
  • For urgent repairing work on the race track, the competitors will take all the necessary measures in order to prevent fluids from leaking into the soil;
  • If, during the race, the motorcycle falls on a side, the competitor will immediately stop the fuel supply to prevent fuel leaks into the environment;
  • Inside the tourist resorts: no revving the bike, no fast riding, no high noises, no wheelies, no dusting the public gravel roads, and no rude behavior; these will not be tolerated under any circumstances! Respect the tourist resorts and their inhabitants/locals!


Any appeals will be filed at the Secretary Office of the competition, in writing using the English or Serbian language, within a maximum of 15 minutes from the publishing of unofficial results.

14. GPS

The GPS device is mandatory for all FIM riders in PRO class. For other riders, a GPS device is not required, but it is very desirable. We WARN the competitors that they will ride a vast territory with no mobile phone signals and roads. Therefore, they should have a GPS due to their own safety. The Organizer will not be responsible if the rider gets lost and doesn't have a GPS. In the case of poor visibility, the race director can make a decision to allow start only for riders with GPS devices. The route will be marked with ribbons and signs. The Organizer does not take responsibility if someone removes the markers from the track. Even in these cases, competitors who did not have a GPS device and left the track will be penalized. Competitors bring their own GPS device and submit it to the Organizer on the registration. The Organizer loads the route, and the device gives the competitor before the start of a race day. After the end of the day, the competitor is obliged to hand over the device to the Organizer at the finish of that day.


  • The Organizer does not take responsibility for malfunction, breakage, or losing the device during the race;
  • All track logs will be deleted from your device, so back it up before you come to the race;
  • The competitor needs to have basic knowledge of using the device;
  • Route recording must be activated on the unit. If the competitor after the race day does not have recorded track, he/she will be penalized;
  • Each competitor needs to have spare batteries for its own GPS on every competition day;
  • If the GPS device has a built-in battery that can not be changed, the competitor is obliged to hand over the charger for its own GPS device;
  • It is recommended that the zoom on the GPS device is kept at 80m;
  • The competitor is obliged to ensure a holder on a bike for his own GPS.


The Organizer has provided a tracker device for all riders, and through those trackers, the Organizer will be able to track your movement during the race. In case the rider loses or switch-off the tracker, he will be disqualified. Please note a tracker is a device that you can carry in your backpack, and it is not the same as a GPS device in which you can upload the track of the race.


As a general rule, the XROSS HARD ENDURO RALLY competition is based on the rule that the shortest time wins.

The first day of the event is Prologue, and it's Mandatory for all competitors. The rider who doesn't show up at the start of the Prologue will have a 12min penalty. 

The riders start based on their registration - starting numbers. After the ride, the Organizer creates a ranking list based on the times the riders achieved on Prologue. In PRO and EXPERT classes, all riders who did not enter the first 16 will have a penalty of 7 minutes, which will be added to the time they achieve on Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3. 

Riders who assumed the top 16 positions in PRO and EXPERT, classes will ride the Akrapovic Prologue finals. 

The first three riders in PRO and EXPERT classes on the Akrapovic Prologue will choose the starting position for Day 1 (they can choose one of the first three places). The rider with the best time will have the opportunity to choose first.

Place Time penalty

1 0min

2 1min

3 2min

4 3min

5 3min 30sec

6 4min

7 4min 30sec

8 5min 00sec

9 5min 15sec

10 5min 30sec

11 5min 45sec

12 6min 00sec

13 6min 15sec

14 6min 30sec

15 6min 45sec

16 7min 00sec

Time is calculated according to the formula:

Penalty on the Prologue + time Day 1 + time Day 2 + time Day 3 + time penalties (if any) = the overall time. 

The competitor has successfully finished the day if they pass through all parts of the track, competitive and liaison. If a rider does not pass all liaison sections but rides all the competitive parts of the track, they will get a penalty. The Organizer holds the right to DNF that day of riding for the such rider. 

If a rider does not finish the race on any day, they will get a time penalty for the unfinished part of the track. The track will have checkpoints (the real ones and the ones marked in GPS). Competitors have to go through all of them. Each checkpoint (CP) that a rider does not pass carries a certain penalty. 

The competitor did not finish race day if he did not check all CPs that day or did not come to finish in the estimated time for that day.

The competitor has not have finished the day if he had checked all CPs on that day, but he rode significantly different from the given GPS route (the decision of the director of the race).

In case of extreme weather conditions (strong winds, lightning storms, fog, snow, or heavy rain), the Organizer reserves the right to change the race schedule and/or shorten the track on safety grounds. In such cases, the Organizer will consider the time a rider had when he passed the last CP marked as the end of the race. In very extreme cases, race days can get rescheduled or even canceled.


The time of the competitors who are late at any start will run according to their time on the starting list. 


The Prologue consists of the polygon track. Only the top 16 riders in PRO and EXPERT classes will enter the Akrapovic Prologue finals. 

Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3:

Penalties will be in the following cases:

- A competitor in some part of the route deviates more than 30m from the given GPS route (minimum 30min penalties or more according to the decision of the director of the race)

- A competitor does not ride in a clearly marked area by which he has to pass or does not move by the specific part of the route, which is explained by the briefing or by the marshalls on the track. In these cases, there is no rule that the competitor may depart 50 meters from the given track.

- A competitor who left the track unintentionally and did not return back on with same way (minimum 15min or more according to the decision of the director of the race).

- The competitor has not properly verified all CPs (the time of the competitors for that day is the worst time of the competitor who finished that day correctly + penalization for the CP that has not been certified or the time allocated by the director of the race based on the GPS track).

- The competitor has not reached the finish in the time limit for that day (the time of the competitors for that day is the worst time of the competitor who finished that day correctly + penalization for all CPs that have not been verified or the time allocated by the director of the race based on the GPS track).

A checkpoint is considered missing in the following situations:

  • A competitor does not arrive at the checkpoint;
  • a competitor arrives at the checkpoint from another direction than the normal direction of the race track or from the race track of another category;
  • a competitor leaves the checkpoint in another direction than the race track or on the race track of another category;
  • overtaking at the checkpoint or inside the checkpoint-established corridor;
  • a competitor staying inside the checkpoint's established corridor after his passing was noted and confirmed for that particular checkpoint.

Missing a checkpoint is sanctioned by a time penalty of 30-240 minutes (will be announced at the morning briefing before the start). Additional time penalties may be imposed for riders missing certain track sections – these penalties will be communicated at the briefing.

Competitors who are still on the race track after the maximum allowed time is up will advance to the next checkpoint, where they will follow the instructions given by the Organizer.

Disqualification of a competitor can occur in the following situations:

  • If they ride outside of the tracks marked by the Organizer, with the goal of achieving better placement. This carries disqualification from the entire competition and a ban from all other Xross competitions;
  • If they ride an off-road bike on the mark tracks of the race at least two weeks before the competition, or earlier if the Organizer decides so;
  • Refueling with the engine ON;
  • Smoking in the refueling area;
  • Failure to stop at the checkpoint or any other point of the race track if an official staff member at that point requests it;
  • Revving the bike, fast riding, high noises, wheelies, dusting the public gravel roads, and generally any rude behavior inside the tourist resorts. These will not be tolerated under any circumstances! Respect the touristic resort and its inhabitants/locals;
  • A competitor who is disqualified for a day may start on the next day of the competition as the last rider in his class.


Prizes for all classes: 1st to 3rd place riders in all classes will receive prizes from the Organizer. ​


AMK Endurance Sports Club

Bajina Bašta – Serbia, 01. 09. 2023.