What riders had to say about the Xross Rally 2023

What riders had to say about the Xross Rally 2023

After the event, we caught up with some riders, mostly the ones who ended up on a podium and asked them how they liked the Xross Hard Enduro Rally 2023

Manuel Lettenbichler / Photo by Predrag Vuckovic

“I am stoked, really, really stoked. Taking the victory for the second time, second year here at the Xross Hard Enduro Rally. Definitely overwhelmed and quite happy with my riding. I would say it was pretty good all three days. But this is just the first race, and it was definitely a good start, but at the end anything can happen. Last year, Cross was already such a good race and to come back here, and to open the championship with this race is amazing. I think the organizers did a really good job, the track managers also nailed it. Excited to come back next year. It was a great opener. I enjoyed the first day quite a bit, the weather was shit, but everything else was great. And also I enjoyed the last day, when the weather is nice we are more chilled and relaxed.”

- Manuel Lettenbichler (GER), two times Xross winner, and the defending world champion


Mario Roman / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

“ I feel good, I am happy. Last year I broke my toe five minutes after starting the race, so this year, being healthy is a completely different story. I was able to enjoy such a great track. I liked the difficult conditions, and the track is better than last year, more clean and my overall impressions are really good. I am looking forward to keeping going in this direction for the rest of the season.”

- Mario Roman, 2nd place at the Xross 2023

Teodor Kabakchiev / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

“It was really muddy and slippery this time, but the conditions are the same for everyone. To start the season on the podium is a big thing. I am really happy, I was battling four guys for the place on the podium, and finally got it on the last day. It feels great. I am really thankful for the opportunity to be racing in the world championship, and I owe it to my team Econt, my mechanic, my father and to all Bulgarians who are supporting me. I am a happy boy.”

- Teodor Kabakchiev, 3rd place at the Xross 2023

Trystan Hart / Photo by Predrag Vuckovic

“I really like Serbia, it is a very nice country, the track is good. The race itself is a really good experience. I am looking forward to coming back next year and doing better.”

- Trystan Hart, PRO class rider 


In the Expert class we had a French podium. All three riders came from France, and they had a great time. 


Expert Class Podium / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

“We are here for the first time, and we all got on the podium which is amazing. The track was nice, very fast the first two days, and the last day was hard, but beautiful places. We loved the parts of the track that led over the tops of the mountains.” 

- Florian Payret (1st), Bernard Hugo (2nd) and Swan Servajean (3rd) place on the Expert Class podium.

Valentin Rehrl (GER) and Stefan Perovic (SRB) on the Hobby class podium / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

"The track was really good marked, normally you don’t need GPS. The first day was raining all day, all wet, but we had a good ride.The hardest parts were uphills, they were slippery and dirty but all is good. As long as I don’t need more than 3 hours to finish the race. I came with a group of 10 people, because we like to ride together, and we had a great time at the Xross, and this was our first time here.” 

- Valentin Rehrl (GER), Xross 2023 Hobby Class winner


“The track is very demanding, but it was marked good. The organization is great as always. The first day was the hardest one, the second was good, but the third one was also a bit harder.”

- Stefan Perovic, Xross 2023 Hobby class 2nd place, Serbian Championship A class winner 

Amateur class podium: Mark Lewis, Zivomir Bjelic and Slobodan Vitorovic / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

“I had fun, the event was really well organized. The tracks are marked good and everything is perfect, and I will definitely come back again.”

- Mark Lewis (GBR), Xross 2023 Amateur Class winner


“It was all nice. Let it stay like this next year.” 

- Zivomir Bjelic, Xross 2023 Amatuer Class 2nd place, Serbian Championship C class winner 


“It was fantastic, all we needed was snow. I am joking. I had so many problems at the beginning of the race, I lost my rare break, but at the end everything turned out to be good. The tracks are amazing”

- Slobodan Vitorovic, Xross 2023 Amateur Class 3rd place,  Serbian Championship 2nd place C class


Matthew Green / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

“I am very happy to win the junior class. We had a good ride in Serbia. The weather was really difficult the first days, but at the end it was a beautiful day and we actually got to see what areas we were riding. Shout out to you guys, you put on a great race and I can’t wait to come back next year.”

- Matthew Green, Xross 2023 Junior class winner

Vladimir Milutinovic / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

“The first day was super hard because of the weather conditions, but the track is ok. I mean what can I say about the Xross, it is the best race in Serbia. Hope to see you all next year, too.”

- Vladimir Milutinovic, Xross 2023 Serbian Championship A class winner 

Jovan Velojic / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

"I only have the most positive impressions. This was my 5th Xross and it is getting better and better each year. The track was really well marked, and it was suitable for the Amateur class. Some would say it was hard, but this is a hard enduro. The 2nd and 3rd day were a bit shorter for me, but i think that is the sign that I should move to the upper class”

- Jovan Velojic, 3rd place at the Xross 2023 Serbian Championship C class