The difference between the Riders List and Start List

The difference between the Riders List and Start List

Xross Hard Enduro Rally 2023 drew enormous attention, all 250 spots were taken in record time, and the Xross team had to form a waiting list. All riders who have registered for the race are listed in the Riders List on our website (you can see the list on the right side when you scroll down the homepage, or you can check it in the Main Manu under the RIDERS tab). 

Riders who paid the full registration fee or at least the minimum amount of 150 EUR secured their place in the race and are listed in the Start List (located under tab RIDERS in Main Menu).

When you scroll thorugh Riders list, you will notice a red line after the number 250 like on the screenshot below. All riders who are below red line are on the waiting list, because the number of participants for the Xross 2023 is limited to 250. You should have receive an automatic email from us, right after the registration, informing you that you are on the waiting list. 

How to Secure Your Place on the Xross 2023?

Riders above the red line, among the first 250 riders, must pay at least the first installment of the registration fee, 150 EUR, until 1. January 2023. Disregard the end date written in the Rules and Regulations, because the Xross team had to set new due date for payments, because of a huge interest. By completing this payment, they will secure their place in the race and be positioned on the Start list. 

Riders who are on the Waiting list need to wait for now. On 1. January, all unconfirmed spots in the race will be open for riders on the waiting list.  You will get your chance to secure your place on the Xross 2023 on that date. 

All riders received emails with this explanation in previous days, so check your inboxes for more information. 


Photo by Predrag Vuckovic