Difference between Entry List and Start List

Difference between Entry List and Start List

All riders registered for the Xross Hard Enduro Rally 2024 are listed on the Entry List. When you look at the Entry list, the far right column shows the Payment Status - see the screenshot below. 

If your payment status is a green circle with a check mark, it means that you have paid the entire entry fee or at least the minimum installment. Therefore, you secured your spot for the Xross rally. You should be able to find your place on the Start list as well. 

If your payment status is a red circle with an X, it means that you still haven't paid the entry fee. Therefore, your spot at the Xross is not yet secured. 

We want to remind you to check Point 7 of Rules and Regulations, which clearly states that riders will be placed on the Start list of the Xross Rally based on the order of payments and not in the order of their registration. While there is no specific deadline for the payment, the number of riders is limited to 350. Currently, more than 350 riders are registered, which means that the only way to secure your spot in the race is to pay at least the first installment of the entry as soon as possible. 

Once you pay the first installment or the entire entry fee, your payment status on the Entry list will be changed, and you will also be placed on the Start list - which officially confirms that you will participate in the race.