Border Crossing with Motorcycle

Border Crossing with Motorcycle

Teams and riders, this is important information regarding crossing the border with a motorcycle. 

Serbian Customs Administration made an exception for the Xross Hard Enduro Rally riders entering Serbia. Given that this is a world championship race, the conditions for entering our country with a motorcycle (only for this occasion) have been simplified for riders whose motorcycles are not registered, and they don’t have ATA carnet. 

  • If the motorcycle or motorcycles that you are transporting are registered, you can cross the border by showing the invitation letter for each rider whose motorcycle you are transporting.

  • If you have an ATA carnet for the motorcycles, then you go through the standard ATA carnet procedure at the border, and that is all.

  • In case you don’t have a registered motorcycle, and you don’t have ATA carnet, we can help you cross the border with more ease. You need, however, to fill out THIS FORM , for each motorcycle which is not registered and doesn't have ATA carnet. And we will send it to the Customs at the border crossing of your choice.

Also, in case you don't have registered motorcycle or ATA carnet, you will need to fill out the form in the PDF Document named прилог 27 - download it here, print it and fill it out in two copies. Take both copies with you to Customs at the border crossing. 

Photo: Predrag Vuckovic