The Xross Hard Enduro Rally is the only moto event in Serbia that is a part of the world championship. This Serbian 4-days enduro thriller will take place from 19. to 22. June in 2024, on the mountains Zlatibor, Tara, and Mokra Gora.

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Difference between Entry List and Start List

What does it mean when your name is on the Entry list, and what it means when you are also on the start list. 

Registration for the Xross 2024 is open!

Hurry up, sign up because only 350 spots are available.

Difference between Entry List and Start List
Registration for the Xross 2024 is open!
Jubilee: 10th edition of the Xross from 19. to 22. June 2024

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About Xross

The Xross Team is a team of people who have always tried to push the limits. We have been members of the Mountain Rescue Service for many years, and we are actively involved in mountain biking, hiking, skiing, speleology, camping, motocross, and hard enduro, which we brought to Serbia. Riding races around Europe inspired us to start our project - Xross Challenge - the first, and at that time – the only hard enduro race in Serbia.

The first Xross Challenge took place in 2014 on Kopaonik, the largest Serbian mountain. In 2015, we moved to Mount Tara, a wild mountain beauty that became the home of our race until 2019. Xross became bigger and better year after year.Not just when it comes to the number of competitors and the number of countries from which competitors come, but also in terms of the difficulty of the terrain and tracks.It didn’t took long time before we were recognized as one of the toughest hard enduro races in the Balkans...


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